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Storeroom Management, Done by Experts!

A well-managed storeroom is critical to controlling costs at the point of entry, driving savings over the long-term, and achieving reliable inventory. PM2 will organize your inventory and processes so that the storeroom operates with optimal efficiency, then manage it for you with our team of experts.  It’s what we do and we’re really good at it.

PM2’s Storeroom Management Services Overview

  • Staffed by PM2 Team Experts
  • Scope of Work includes any or all the following:
    • Supervise, Receive, Put-Away, Issue, Kitting, Stock Requisition, Cycle Counting, Delivery
    • Point-of-Use Solutions – Vending, RFID, Free Issue, Other Custom Designs
  • Work in Client’s or PM2’s System
    • Enterprise Visibility with PM2 System
  • Implement & Sustain 6S Lean Principles
  • Site Specific Site Operating Procedures
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Optimal Space Utilization
  • Leverage Client’s Purchasing Team
    • PM2’s Sourcing & Supply Partners Available if Beneficial to Client
  • Performance Metrics Monitoring & Reporting

Do not confuse PM2’s Storeroom Management with that of other traditional suppliers. For over twenty years, we have listened to our customers’ requests for a different type of partner, and now they have it. 

So what is different?

For years, our customers have told us they want to spend their time doing the things they do best. Rarely does that include managing an MRO storeroom full of parts. They would love to outsource the management of the storeroom but are not as thrilled with the prospect of losing control.  We heard them loud and clear. In our version of storeroom management, you do what you do best, and we will do what we do best.  You don’t lose control because we work together!  It is a winning combination.

PM2 offers a flexible program customized to fit your needs and is full of options.  We will design a program based on meeting your objectives, as opposed to fitting your objectives into our program. That plan is then further customized as we match your wants and needs against your constraints, such as time and budget. The result is a realistic plan to achieve true cost savings, productivity gains and reliable inventory.

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