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How much inventory is really needed to keep your operation running?  Will it all fit into the space allocated? Does your storage plan meet OSHA requirements?  What storage components are best suited to your inventory?  Does your current inventory plan incorporate 5S best practices?  Let PM2’s experts design your space for maximum efficiency and compliance.   

Warehouse Design

Warehouse design is about so much more than just deciding what to put where.  Knowing which items are fast or slow moving, and which are frequently used in combination with others, will give you a good start, but what about lead time to replace an item?  Which parts are critical to keeping the plant up and running?  What does OSHA have to say about storing this product next to others?  Does it require special handling?  What is the best way to secure your inventory against pilferage?  Answers to these questions will have a direct effect on the space you allocate, how, and where you store your inventory.  You don’t have to be an expert on all of these subjects, not with PM2 available to do it for you.  PM2 specializes in inventory and only inventory.   Let PM2 apply our knowledge and hands-on experience to the design of your warehouse so you can focus on the things you do best.   

CAD Drawings

PM2 provides CAD drawings of your current space or the space you would like to use.  Once we have designed your warehouse or storeroom for maximum efficiency, it is also important to know what that looks like when applied to your particular space and how you will convey that vision to those charged with implementing the plan.  How wide does the aisle need to be so the fork lift can back up and/or turn?  How much space needs to be allocated in front of the new storage cabinet to accommodate opening the drawer, as well as the person picking from it?  And shouldn’t there be somewhere to put the box you just pulled down from the top shelf while you pick the items from it that you need?   Where will the fork lift reside when not in use and is there an outlet there for charging it?  Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.  Don’t get caught paying for expensive reworks or having to create elaborate work arounds to design issues that can be avoided.  Put PM2’s expertise to work for you to customize a CAD drawing that will fit your operation to a tee.   

Storage Specification

There are literally thousands of storage options available on the market, but which is the best for your inventory?  Do you have items with special storage requirements specified by OSHA?  Will the entire inventory from all of the areas you plan to consolidate fit into your current warehouse?  And if not, is there a storage option available that would address that?  How many uprights will you need to order if you choose to use shelving?  What grade of shelving should you have?  You can play it safe and go with the heavier duty equipment, but how much more is that going to cost?  On the other hand, you could choose the least expensive equipment and risk a serious safety incident.  Might you benefit from advice provided by someone without a vested interest in the equipment chosen?  Whether you are relocating, consolidating, or reorganizing your inventory, PM2 will review your inventory, physical space, and storage equipment needs, and then develop a storage plan designed uniquely for your business. 

OSHA Compliance

Do you know which items in your inventory have special OSHA storage requirements?  Which ones can be stored together in a special cabinet and which are not allowed to be near each other?  What about MSDS sheet requirements?  Are you ready for your next audit?  Let PM2 help get your inventory OSHA compliant and remain that way.       

Family Grouping

Having the same product housed in multiple locations across your warehouse is inefficient and costly.  Grouping products by commodity, or “family grouping”, puts all “like items” together with one product per location and one location per product.  By having all of your electrical items in the same area, for example, and only one location for each item, you can easily find them again, track their movement in and out of stock, and know how many should be on the shelf vs. how many are actually there.  Replenishment is a breeze, too, since you don’t have to walk the entire warehouse to restock the shelves.

While family grouping may be a great way to organize for efficiency, actually getting the product moved can be an insurmountable task for many businesses.  PM2 can help.  We specialize in inventory and can get your inventory family grouped quickly so you can begin to reap the benefits right away.

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