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Inventory Management Consulting

Investments in materials management yield large returns when they are appropriately focused. By reviewing your current inventory management environment and practices, our inventory consultants are able to develop strategies and solutions to help you obtain your objectives.

Whether you need a high level road map, a detailed analysis for making informed decisions, or an inventory optimization plan, PM2 can review, analyze, develop, and implement the strategic plans that make your inventory objectives attainable and ensure maximum return on investment. You may choose to hire PM2 to implement these strategies or perform them yourself.

Inventory Cost Baseline

Starting an inventory initiative without a baseline is like a surgeon performing surgery without a diagnosis. A baseline of data establishing a starting point for your inventory initiatives gives you a solid footing upon which you can make decisions, measure your progress, determine success and document your ROI. PM2 will review your inventory environment, processes, and relevant data in order to establish a baseline, against which you can determine direction, measure progress, and evaluate successes.

Site Audit

Most customers understand the need for gaining control of their inventory, but often they need help understanding where to start. PM2 will assess your inventory environment, review it against your objectives, and build a high level roadmap of how to achieve those objectives. At that point, you may choose to have PM2 implement those plans or choose to do the work yourself.

Return on Investment Analysis

Whatever your initiative is, it is important to be able to measure whether the investment should be made, continued, or expanded. PM2 will review the environment and relevant data, measure it against objectives and expenditures, and provide an objective return on investment analysis for your project.

Value Analysis

It is generally accepted that decisions should be based on facts, but in today's fast-paced environment, decisions are often made "on the fly", making decisions based on factual analytics a luxury few have time to indulge in. PM2 can provide the analysis to determine what the key performance indicators are for your inventory management environment and establish a process for you to have the information you need to make knowledge based decisions.

Inventory Strategy Development

When was the last time you reviewed your inventory strategy? Times have changed. Standards are tighter than ever. There is no room for inefficiency in today's market. PM2 can help you develop a short and/or long term strategy to survive today's economic environment.

Process Design and Training

It's a natural law, systems degrade over time. As companies expand or contract, inventories become fragmented and processes break down. PM2 will review your processes against your objectives and accepted best practices to establish new processes which will enhance your efficiencies, reduce your expenditures, and optimize your inventory management capabilities. Additionally, PM2 can assist with implementing new processes and training employees to drive ownership and compliance.

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