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As organizations seek to improve maintenance reliability, many find that their inventory management environment does not support it. 

It’s hard to have maintenance reliability without inventory reliability.  At PM2, our sole focus is to help you achieve inventory reliability.  We do this by focusing on three things:

  • Storeroom Excellence
  • Database Excellence
  • Process Excellence

Get these three things right, and your inventory will be highly reliable.  

Process Excellence

The most frequent concern PM2 hears from our clients is doubt in their ability to maintain their inventory after our team leaves.  They know that they won’t have maintenance reliability if they can’t achieve inventory process reliability. 

Process reliability is all about having the right process, effective tools and technology to perform the process, and more importantly, a well trained and fully committed team members to do the process consistently and accurately.    

Most companies agree that human error, or non-performance, is the most costly form of waste in their organization, but many of them are challenged to manage the human factors of process excellence effectively.

Some of the Process Excellence services PM2 provides are

  • PM2 OnTrack Assurance
  • Process Design and Training
  • Inventory Management Consulting
  • Inventory Cost Baseline
  • Benchmark Audit
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Value Analysis
  • Inventory Strategy Development
  • Dispensing Machines
  • Bar Code Implementation
  • Storeroom Process Management
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Master Data Governance

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