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As organizations seek to improve maintenance reliability, many find that their inventory management environment does not support it. 

It’s hard to have maintenance reliability without inventory reliability.  At PM2, our sole focus is to help you achieve inventory reliability.  We do this by focusing on three things:

  • Storeroom Excellence
  • Database Excellence
  • Process Excellence

Get these three things right, and your inventory will be highly reliable.  

Database Excellence

Database excellence is critical to the reliability of any organization’s operational excellence.  Lack of reliable data leads to faulty reporting, poor decision making, and increased costs.  Reliable, accurate data is critical to managing inventory effectively.  Additionally, capturing inventory you already own, but is not represented in the database brings spend avoidance opportunities, accuracy, and reliability to the inventory management process.  PM2 will develop or maintain a high quality standardized inventory database from your real shelf inventory, your existing inventory data, or other research sources. We ensure that the data is properly represented in the database, associated with unique identifying information, and that established processes to maintain the integrity of the data are in place.

Getting the right product in the right place at the right time is what inventory management is all about. Having it represented accurately in a usable database is essential to meeting this goal.  

Some of the inventory Database Excellence services that PM2 provides are;

  • Inventory Database Development
  • Inventory Database Management
  • Item Description Standardization
  • Catalog Content Services
  • Bill of Materials Development
  • Purchasing Data Collection
  • Cross Referencing
  • UNSPSC Coding
  • Enterprise Item Master Development
  • Benchmark Audit
  • PM2 OnTrack Assurance
  • Master Data Governance
  • Database Training

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